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Key Services offered by the Department

The services provided by the department can be summarized as:

1.      Implementation of various industrial policies pertaining to provision of subsidies

2.      implementation of the Industrial policy 2003

3.      Provide freight subsidy

4.      Grievance Redressal

5.      Arbitration on providing interest on delayed payments to SSI units

6.      Enforcement of various safety norms for industries

7.      Enforcement of various quality norms

8.      Co-ordination for mitigation of problem of industrial association and disposal of representations

9.      providing single window facilities and ensuring time-bound clearances for industries through Udyog Sahayak

10.   Keeping the website updated for provision of various information based services to the citizens

11.   Prepare rate contract of items for supply to Punjab Government offices

12.   Registration of firms and societies

13.   Transfer of plots/sheds and execution of conveyance deed

14.   Recovery of rent/hire purchase installment of plots/sheds of industrial estates

15.   Recovery of I.F.L, S.M.M, IRDD Act 1935

16.   Testing and quality control services

17.   Entrepreneur Memorandum for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (www.msme.gov.in)

18.   Industrial data collection

19.   IL/LOI/IEM recommendations

20.   BIFR/AAIFR cases handling

21.   Implementation of handloom schemes

22.   Sponsoring craft melas

23.   Sample Industrial Surveys

24.   Issue notifications, mining contracts, certificate of approvals


following is the list of services being provided by various section 

Geological sector

  • Issuing of notifications

  • Mining contracts

  • Certificates of approvals

  • Recoveries of arrears of contracts 

Technical sector

  • Modernization  scheme under

  • Testing & quality marketing services under IDC/QMC scheme

  • Punjab test house 

Administrator sector

  • Administration 

Registrar Of firms and societies Punjab

  • Registration of firms and societies 

Survey sector

  • Registration of SSI units

  • Industrial data collection 

Nucleus cell

  • Industrial census & sample survey

  • IIP monthly data 

lm-II sector

  • IL /LOI/IEM recommendation

  • BIFR /AAIFR cases  

Textile sector

  • Handloom reservation act 1985 DLE

  • Craft melas sponsorship  

Recovery and Audit Branch

  • Recovery of I.F.L

  • Recovery of S.MM,IRDP, Act, 1935 

Infra Branch

  • Transfer of plots sheds and execution of conveyance deed

  • Recovery of tent/hire purchase instaments of plots /sheds of industrial estates 

Controller of stores Punjab sector-10, chandigarh

  • R/C , supply , orders, disposal os store items and registration of firms.

  • Rate contract of items for the supply of Pb. Govt.office

  • Supply orders for adhoc purchase

  • Disposal of store items

  • Registration of firms 

Punjab Web studio

  • Punjab web studio is responsible for additions, up gradations of the Punjab government official website and designing of WebPages. The site has e-mail feedback facility for the visitors which are replied immediately. 

Udyog sahayak

  • Provides single window facilities

  • Ensure time bound clearances

  • General assistance for settings up of industries

  • Policy formulation

  • Mega projects 

Facilitation Cell

  • Co- ordination to mitigation problem of industrial association & disposal of representations. 

Director of Boilers

  • Enforcement of statuary norms under the Indian boiler act-1923 at users premises

  • Enforcement of quality norms under the Indian boilers regulations-1950 at boiler mountings, manufacturers premises 

Incentive section

  • Implementation of various industrial policies pertaining to providing of subsidies 

Commerce section

  • Implementation of Industrial policy 2003 freight subsidy

  • Grievance elevation relating to commerce (industry)

  • IFC act

  • Arbitrating on, providing interest on delayed payments to SSI units. 


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