Punjab- Land of Boudless Oppurtunities:

Enterprise and endeavor, these two words symbolize the essential spirit of the People of  Punjab. Combined  with  these qualities  its average  growth  rate of  10 %, 58 %  Literacy  rate  and  highest per capita income in country makes it a  land of  boundless  opportunity. Today  Punjab offers  distinct  advantage for  investment and industry. The recent liberalization of the Indian economy, has pitch forked Punjab  in to the global business mainstream. Heralding this change are more and more entrepreneurs, industrialists and investors with vision,  from across the globe.  Punjab  is determined to achieve an annual  industrial  rate of growth of 12 per cent during the ‘90s. Going by the availability of  raw  materials and  the thrust 
areas  identified  by  the government,  investment  opportunities  are  in  the  
following areas:

Processing of major and minor crops
Industries based on agricultural waste/ residue (wheat/ paddy straw, paddy husk)
Processing of fruits and vegetables
Dairy or Poultry based units
Leather and Sports Goods.
Meat processing
Electronics & Telecommunications
Information Technology
Infrastructure Modernization
on and Development
Automobiles and Farm machinery
Engineering industries related to agriculture & food processing, including ancillary units
Chemical industries, including Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
Export oriented units


Opportunities in Agri-Business: 

Food is vital to India’s prosperity. Successful harvesting of green revolution by Punjab was a step in recognition of that. The same spirit is now ready to dominate the food industry of India. Punjab is a land of boundless opportunity for agro based industry.4.2 million hectare sown area with 186% cropping intensity and 100% assured irrigation makes Punjab granary of India. 24.86 million tons of food grain production and 9.85 million live stock and 15.3 million poultry population Punjab is most suitable for agri business. Apart food grain large quantity of fruits and vegetables is available for processing.

Fruits and Vegetables production in Punjab:

Kinnow/Orange 2,22,456 Mts
Mango 58,380 Mts
Grape 36,666 Mts
Pear 43,780 Mts
Peach 17,745 Mts
Lichi 11,580 Mts
Lemon 4,697 Mts
Potato 1,167,000 Mts
Root Crops 2,63,000 Mts
Tomato 1,75,000 Mts
Cabbage 32,700 Mts
Cauliflower 85,000 Mts
Brinjal 35,000 Mts

National Productivity Council of India after a survey found that in Punjab availability of crop residue is of the order of 31.5 million tons. The major crop residue are rice straw, wheat straw and cotton stalk. In addition to that industrial residue/by product such as rice husk and bagasse is also available. Approximately 2 million tons of these two products are generated every year.

Keeping these things in mind Punjab offers tremendous investment potential in agro based projects in following area:

processing of major and minor crops
processing of fruits and vegetables
processing of crop and agro industrial residue
Poultry and animal husbandry
Dairy and milk processing

Projects on offer:

Name of the Project


Estimated Cost
(Rs. in Crores)

Integrated Corn Processing Plant
To process initially 300 TGPD and later 500 TPD of corn.


Integrated paper manufacturing plant

To produce high quality coated and uncoated papers, block-board, plywood, etc. at a capacity of 2,40,0000 MT per annum of finished products.


Integrated Oilseeds processing plant
To produce top quality edible oil, animal feed, chemicals, and high value food items with a capacity to mfr. 500 TPD.


Integrated milk processing
To manufacture pasteurized milk, cheese, paneer, khoya, butter, SMP and ghee.  Capacity of the project is to process 325000 litres of milk per day.


Integrated cane processing project
Comprising 2500 TCD cane crushing unit, 350 lac litres per annum of cane juice based ethanol unit.


Integrated rice processing project
Comprising of 80 TPH rice mill, 9 TPH rice noodles plant, 0.5 TPH rice crispies plant, 0.5 TPH puffed rice plant, 2.0 TPH flaked rice plant, 1.5 TPH rice flour mill, 1.0 TPH instant rice plant, 0.5 TPH solvent extraction plant, 5.5 TPH  oil refining plant, 15 TPH cattle feed plant and 8.8 MW power generation plant



Spice oil and oleoresin extraction unit
3 TPD initially and going 214 TPD capacity in a year, 10 of its operation.


Integrated grain based distillery project
To produce 20000 liters per day ENA plant, IMFL bottling unit of 5000-6000 bottles per hour capacity and maturation/ageing unit for own whisky


Integrated vegetable processing plant
To produce canned/ bottled frozen, dehydrated and pickled vegetables mainly for export


Wheat processing project
To produce high pasta foods based on durum wheat.


Integrated potato based alcohol project
To produce over 50000 litres per day of vodka.  The project would process about 70000 tonnes pf potatoes per annum.


Integrated potato processing facility
To manufacture 2 MTs per hour of French fries and 500 kgs per hour of potato flakes.  The facility will process approximately 20000 tonnes per annum of potatoes.


Integrated poultry processing project
To produce whole chicken, cut portion and value added products like nuggets, formed boneless product.  Captive feed mill of 10 Ms per hour capacity.    The annual requirement   of maize for the feed mill works out to 15000 tonnes


Setting up of a malting unit
20000 MTs per annum capacity and a brewery of 2 lac hecto litres  per annum to manufacture premium quality malt, malt extracts and beer.






Electronics & IT Industry:
With 21st century just round the corner Importance of electronics and computer industry can’t be overemphasized. Punjab Government realized it quite early and targeted this sector through their policy planning. A string of training and testing institutions in this field was established in collaboration with Government of India. Government of Punjab has decided to give special package of incentive to this sector of Industry. For assisting industry in this sector Punjab Government established
Punjab Infotech . In 1976 Punjab Infotech (Earlier ECP) began groundwork for future development by setting up an Electronics Township of Punjab (ELTOP) in phase VIII of Mohali near Chandigarh. Spread over 200 acres ELTOP has become one of the largest conglomerates of electronics and communication industries in India.

An Earth Station has been set up at Mohali providing International data transfer facility to the Software units in this area.

As part of expansion program for software exports Government of India has approved setting up a Information Technology Park at Mohali. ITP will have:

Satellite Earth Station to provide high bandwidth international connectivity
Software Technology Park
Electronics Hardware Technology Park
Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT)
Developed plots and sites for IT/Electronics units

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